TCS Ninja Hiring-2018 by ON March 20 2019

It was a great experience with TCS Ninja Hiring’s National Qualifier and It was also my first experience in which I have completed the whole process.

This article on Best-Learner may be useful to a college student and others who want to join TCS via this hiring.

It consists of two round.

1.Online test:– This test was taken on TCS training centre Gandhinagar. It looks 90 min which consists of four sections.

  • Quantitative Aptitude – 20 questions (40 mins):- In this section questions asked from Time & Distance, Time & work, Problems on a train, Probability, Ratio, and Proportion, Average, Clock & Time and also some mathematical question which were surprised for me.
  • Programming logic – 10 questions ( 20 mins):- In this section, they ask like code snippet with option, tree or given pre-order, post-order and in-order, Pointer variable, basic loops and tracing based output and may be time or space complexity.
  • Coding – 1 question (20 mins):- This was the easiest section for everyone if you know basic programming. The question was ask like Find factorial number, Generate Fibonacci series and may be any series, Check leap year.
  • English – 10 questions (10 mins):- In this section. They asked me one paragraph with 10 blanks space and every blank space had 2/3/4 option. Some time ask like the alternative meaning of particular word and paragraph with the same question.
Got result after some day via mail and they called for interview.

2. Interview :- It consists two type of interview.

  • Technical Interview:- First they asked about my self and interest and all then based on the interest they asked some question like:
    1. What is the database.
    2. What is a relational database, primary key, candidate key, foreign key?
    3. Write a query for create a table and find the count of employees department wise.
    4. Calculate salary department wise.
    5. Question on the project from resume and also explain some project (I explained ML-based project and one twitter API based project).
    6. Then they asked about TCS like why TCS, how was your last experience (I have already given a test on Digital TCS test), Who is CEO and all.
  • HR interview:- After selected from the technical interview this was just a formal interview so they asked about you and your interest and all.

The interviewer were very supportive and humble people so just need the confidence and power on voice. If you don’t know any answer of the particular question then just say sorry, I don’t know.

Good luck…. :>)

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