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Hello Friends,

I am sharing my great experience of my placement with 63Moons technologies so I am writing this post for bestlearner that may help others to new joiners and freshers.

I applied through University (Nirma Ahmedabad).

At a time of a data collection by our Placement Coordinator, I forgot to fill up the form but still, I attend placement talk and HR allow us to seat for the exam.

I attend 63 moon Technologies hand-written exam and my all classmates have online generated User Id and password so they all are login in the system and started the exam.

Regarding Test of 63 moon Technologies.
There are mainly two sections:

  • Aptitude (Train Problem, Profit and loss, Percentage, average, some logical Reasoning)
  • C++ MCQ (30 Question)

Difficulty Level:- Medium

I have the best proficiency in C++ as well as a data structure and I love to solve logical question so easily I can solve all aptitude question and C++ MCQ question.

Only 12 are shortlisted out of 55

A second round was technical round

I qualify for second round and this round was in LD College, Ahmedabad

Technical person started my interview

The first question was to tell me something about yourself and then interviewer observe my resume and ask regarding my language proficiency so I tell him, I have the best proficiency in C++ as well as the data structure

So the major Interview question from C++

  • what is Inheritance?
  • what is Bitwise or Operator?
  • what is polymorphism
  • what is virtual Destructor
  • what is Constructor
  • what is Copy Constructor and what is important? ( most of the candidate rejected because of this question )
  • Some of the Question from Data structure.
  • what is Stack?
  • what is the Queue ? ( Basic Question only )

After the technical question, the interviewer tells me please give a brief introduction of the project that mentioned in the CV.

If you go through C++ with a real-life example so easily crack an interview and refer all the exam question.

If clear technical round then only qualify for HR round.

Me and my two friends are clear technical round.

HR round

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Are you satisfy with this package?
  • why are you like to join 63 moons?
  • some basic question about Family Background information

HR ma’am is really supportive and final at the day end we got the official mail from III cell.

I only can suggest you that do attitude test and also clear the fundamental.

Thank you :>)


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