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First WordCamp Event Experience by ON March 27 2019

Hello Friend’s
This article may not help you to get learn something but definitely motivate you to attend the WordCamp Event.
So before know how was it. Let’s know about the WordCamp

  • What is WordCamps:- WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.
  • Why its organize:-WordCamp is organizing because of the local community, developer and people who love WordPress can meet, chat and share their idea and knowledge with others. Experts from different industries take a session on different trending things.
  • What are the benefits:- To attend this event you will definitely get to learn new skills, build the network in this community. Get fun and knowledge together. Get some awesome gifts too.
  • Who can attend the WordCamp:-WordCamps should be attended to everyone who uses WordPress and who should use WordPress. This category includes bloggers, designers, developers, authors, marketers, SEOs, Businesses, Non-profits, photographers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • How you can attend:- You have to buy a ticket online and just be present on event. You can get more details about the tickets and all.

Let’s start with my experinece.

I am working in the rtcamp which company is the first VIP partner of WordPress from south Asia and rtcamp is also Gold sponsor of the WordCamp event and also motivate their employees to attend and speak in the event.

So the first time I attended the event held in Pune this year. As you read above WordCamp event is not only for the company developer but also everyone can attend as per your interest. My friend If you want to build your network then definitely you should attend.

So what we did in this event:-
The event started at 8:00 pm morning but We (Me and my friends) reached at 9:30 during this period registration has to be done and also people were meeting with each other.
We have done our registration on organizers desk and also collect swag bug in which some gifts are there like food coupons, WordCamp special coffee-cup, water bottle, some stickers, pens, notes, and some batches.

Then we have taken a breakfast in which they were served foods egg, biscuits, tea, coffee, banana, Poha and all.
After that, we reached our camp desk (Event provide the desk to each sponsor) and met with people. They come an asked about our company & services also contact. We guys give them stickers and cards.
People check almost every desk and know about them.

After some time event was start and speaker were ready to give a presentation on some topic.

After attending three presentations and one of the speaker was itself from our company. we went for lunch and lunch was so nicely prepared
Then we take a group photo of our company members.

Then we taken a tea break and also met other companies desk and know about them and I noticed one thing people were so nice to handle and chat with others.

Finally taken a group pic of all attendees, speaker, sponsors and organizers.

Really we enjoy lots in the event and taken some snaps with people who don’t know each-other.

Thank you :>)

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