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5 basic steps to Transfer/Migrate your WordPress site. by ON October 20 2019

This post may help you in WordPress site migration, so I am writing some simple steps to transfer your WordPress site from one domain to another domain or maybe one server to another server.

Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge of WordPress then also you can migrate/transfer your site by following these basic steps.

  1. Install and activate All-in-one-wp-plugin in older site.
  2. Select an export option from the admin menu under the menu item all-in-one-wp option and choose export to a file.
  3. It will generate a backup file with extension .wpress .
  4. Install the same plugin into a new site.
  5. Take the backup file (which was generated in step 3) and import it ( from the admin menu under the menu item all-in-one-wp option) into a new site. It will take couple of minutes for restoring the data.

You will automatically move on wp-admin page then login with your credential and After that you have to save the permalink options from settings.

Note:- If, In case of facing any issues from below then follow the fixing solution steps.

  1. If getting an error of out of space during export of backup file
    1. Check the unnecessary backup/plugins/theme and also .tmp file in wp-content directory. Remove it if not needed further.
    2. After remove all unnecessary files/folders export the backup file.
  2. If your backup file is larger than import size limit:-
    1. Either get the add-ons from to increase the size limit.
    2. Or you can add All-in-one-wp-migration plugin version 6.7.7 into your new site because we can manually increase the import size limit in this version. Your plugin must be versioned 6.77 and follow this post to increase the import size limit:-

In case of any difficulties, you can comment below the comment box.

Thank you :>)

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